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 The Real Truth About Vista

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The Real Truth About Vista Empty
PostSubject: The Real Truth About Vista   The Real Truth About Vista I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 06, 2010 5:30 pm

Watch this video..
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Here is something to ponder.

C/P from another site.

Does Windows Vista Send Information to the Government?
by Bill Lindner on 20070726 @ 00:13AM EST

Is there more to Windows Vista being big brother than was originally
thought? There appear to be features and services bundled into Windows Vista
that stay in touch with the government and their associates, too.

If this is true, Mi*****ft has gone too far. This post was in an forum, and appeared to get overloaded from all the attention
it was getting. had a copy of it on their site.

A forum user switched to Windows Vista a month ago and actually

had some good luck with it. He began noticing latency on his home network
connection. He used port sniffing software and networking tools to see what
was going on. What he found he referred to as "foundation shaking." There
are some graphical images of a peerguardian 2 log with some very interesting
information. The computer was in an idle state.

It shows the computer connected to the following (in his own words):

a.. DoD Network Information Center (Department of Defense)
b.. United Nations Development Program (Seems to correlate to the parent
branch of the U.N. Informatics Division)
c.. Halliburton Company (We all know these guys)
d.. Ministry of Defense Data Return Agent
e.. DOHS-Recon (trace routes for this address provided nothing, suspected
blocks on trace route. Many of us who are monitoring this situation have
suspected the acronym stands for the Department of Homeland Security
Reconnaissance. This is merely a guess, but an educated one at that)
I ran traceroutes on the IP's, and sure enough they came back government
owned. I thought this might be exclusive to my system, so I ran over to a
friend of mine who upgraded to Vista when it first became available. After
installing monitoring software on his system, the hits it caught on his
network were immediate and almost identical in source.

Is there anyone in the abandonia community with a US based connection who is
experiencing this watchdog behavior? Are any foreign Vista users
experiencing similar attacks from their own countries ministries and
governing agencies?

It would be interesting to see how common this is. If Mi*****ft is doing
this to all their Windows Vista consumers, it's time to take a long hard
look at how they do things.

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The Real Truth About Vista
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